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Skin Cancer surgical audit

Designed to improve the quality of patient care and outcomes, our Skin Cancer Surgical Audit allows referring doctors to participate in a comparative review of their personal findings against those of their peer group and the general practitioner cohort.

The Sonic Healthcare Clinical Audit is an independent, Australia-wide program with more than 4,000 participating general practitioners. 

Access the skin cancer surgical audit

Skin cancer surgical audit registration

Features of our clinical audit - skin cancer surgical audit

  • Enrolment is available to any doctor who refers skin pathology to a Sonic Healthcare pathology practice.
  • We believe a clinical audit should be representative of your actual clinical practice, so we do not set a minimum number of lesions that you must refer.
  • On submitting cases to the audit, an interval report and evaluation will be available in your account.
  • All results are completely confidential.
  • The inclusion of the peer group category allows you to reflect on your outcomes in the context of GPs in similar practices (e.g. general practitioner plus skin cancer work; dedicated skin cancer practitioner). You receive statistically relevant feedback about: 
    • Your own personal performance
    • Performance of GPs within your peer group
    • Performance of the overall GP cohort
  • Clear graphs allow easy interpretation of your diagnostic and collection skills.

The collaboration of Sonic Healthcare pathology practices across Australia means that you are part of one of the largest clinical audits of its kind, with access to an enormous data pool of lesions.

RACGP Accredited CPD Activity

25 hours allocated to eligible participants who complete the audit (i.e. completing two consecutive six-month intervals, reviewing reports and submitting an evaluation questionnaire at the end of the the 12-month reporting period).

ACRRM PDP Accredited Activity

18 hours allocated to eligible participants who complete the audit (i.e. completing two consecutive six-month intervals, reviewing reports and submitting an evaluation questionnaire at the end of the the 12-month reporting period).


To register, please complete the below 'Clinical Audit Registration - Skin Cancer Surgical Audit' form:

Skin cancer surgical audit registation form

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and your personalised surgical audit request forms.

Please note that surgical audit forms are compatible with all commonly used practice management software but are only available in A4 format.

Easy data collection using specialised surgical audit request forms

When collecting specimens, use the special surgical audit request forms from your local Sonic Healthcare laboratory and simply add the additional clinical data on the back of the form. We use this information to collate your individual report.

Receive your report

The clinical audit report is generated at the end of each reporting period. It contains statistically relevant feedback about your own practice in comparison to that of your peer group and general practitioner cohort.

Submit your personal evaluation questionnaire at the end of each reporting period

The clinical audit is based on reviewing the reports and submitting personal evaluation questionnaires for two consecutive time intervals in the triennium.


For further information contact Client Services on 6285 9805.

Personalised surgical audit report

A feedback report covering each audit period.

The Report includes:
  • Number of patients
  • Number of new lesions
  • Percentage of new lesions tested that were malignant
  • Percentage of excised lesions that were malignant
  • Number of lesions tested to find one melanoma
  • Diagnostic accuracy
  • Margin adequacy (where applicable)
  • Breakdown of surgical management procedures
  • Surgical Audit Diagnostic Accuracy Table comparing your provisional diagnosis with the historical diagnosis for all new lesions
  • Episode summaries are issued in .csv format compatible with Excel. They include patient demographics and all data captured in the audit database.
  • Progress reports are issued in .pdf format with your personal data. Progress reports enable you to review your outcomes at any time and are of particular value when you have modified your clinical process or procedures.

New report features

  • Dermatoscopy usage and diagnostic accuracy
  • Regional NNT values

For an explanation of report and request form requirements please see the below:

Explanation of report and request form requirements

Here is some information about the most common skin lesions.

Information For Clinicians Skin Cancer Chart