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Telehealth Pathology Requests

To improve availability and to ensure continued access to healthcare services, Capital Pathology has introduced a number of ways for clinicians to generate pathology request forms for their telehealth patients.

Request forms received electronically will be entered into our system and an SMS will be sent to the patient to advise that we have received their request form. Patients simply need to turn up at their preferred collection centre and show this SMS to their collector.

For further information or assistance with these telehealth options, please contact Client Services on 6285 9805.

Electronic Ordering

Electronic Ordering (eOrder) is a system set up for clinicians to order pathology referrals through their practice software. 

Fax or email a standard request form

You can generate a pathology request form from your medical software and fax this through to the patient's collection centre of choice, or centrally to our Doctors Services Centre. Alternatively, these forms can be scanned and emailed to

Use interactive PDF

This interactive PDF request can be filled out on any PC with Adobe Reader installed. The form can be saved locally and then emailed to the patient, or to our Doctors Services Centre at

Please note that the form must be downloaded to your computer prior to use. It will not work correctly within a web browser PDF viewer.