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Electronic Ordering

Electronic Ordering (eOrdering) of pathology is available for users of Best Practice or Medical Director. Clinicians can use the 'fetch' program where they receive results to order pathology referrals online and send an SMS to patients. 

Please contact our Client Services team to get this service set up.

02 6285 9805

How it works

The clinician requests pathology using eOrders during a consultation

The patient receives an SMS with a request form barcode within 2 minutes

The patient visits a Capital Pathology collection centre with their mobile and the barcode text message

Our collectors will scan the barcode to start the collection process


Clinics must be suing Best Practice or Medical Director to access this service. Patient files must contain valid mobile phone numbers for successful SMS delivery.

Histopathology, cervical screening test (CST) and swabs for PCR are excluded from this service.

However COVID-19 PCR is able to be ordered through eOrdering.

No, there are no costs to either the practice or the patient to use this service.

For successful SMS delivery, patient mobile numbers must be recorded without spaces or international dialling codes in your practice management software. Successful SMS delivery relies on the correct mobile phone number, the SMS service provider and mobile phone carrier.

 To maintain patient confidentiality, please reconfirm patient mobile numbers at the time of creating electronic pathology requests.

If all of these are correct please contact Client Services 02 6285 9805

No further action is needed. Clinicians may continue to send pathology requests via SMS to their patients, as long as ‘telehealth’ is included in the clinical notes of their eOrder requests