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Respiratory testing

With the increasing incidence of influenza in our area, Capital Pathology is now providing Respiratory Virus testing widely across the ACT and surrounding regions. To minimise spreading of viruses in our collection centres our preferred method is a self-collected swab that patients can drop off at our collection rooms, please note we will require a referral from your doctor.

For patients unable or unwilling to perform a self-collect, they can attend our collection rooms with a referral from their doctor to have this testing arranged. We will be providing this service at all locations, excluding collection centres located on hospital campuses.

Selfcollect Instructions (1)

COVID-19 and Respiratory specimen collection - self collection


Self-Collect Swab

A self-collect swab has been made available and can be arranged in consultation with a doctor. This collection method has been validated by Sonic Healthcare and self-collected specimens have been shown to be an acceptable alternative to specimens collected by healthcare workers. A doctor referral is essential for this option.

Early detection and isolation of COVID-19-positive patients, and their contacts, may aid in mitigating community transmission.

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Animated 'how-to' instructional video

As an additional resource, this ‘how-to’ video has been created to complement the included instructions, and to further assist patients in completing a self-collection.

The video demonstrates the procedure in a step-by-step format, including:

  • Appropriate preparation
  • Throat and nasal swab collection
  • Packaging the completed swab
  • Returning the sample for testing

View step-by-step self-collect swab instructions