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COVID-19 self-collect swab

A self-collect swab has been made available and can be arranged in consultation with a doctor. This collection method has been validated by Sonic Healthcare and self-collected specimens have been shown to be an acceptable alternative to specimens collected by healthcare workers. A doctor referral is essential for this option.

Early detection and isolation of COVID-19-positive patients, and their contacts, may aid in mitigating community transmission.

Download Instructions

Animated 'how-to' instructional video

As an additional resource, this ‘how-to’ video has been created to complement the included instructions, and to further assist patients in completing a self-collection.

The video demonstrates the procedure in a step-by-step format, including:

  • Appropriate preparation
  • Throat and nasal swab collection
  • Packaging the completed swab
  • Returning the sample for testing

View step-by-step self-collect swab instructions