Outpatient Services

Tests Covered by Medicare

All tests covered by Medicare are listed in the Medicare Benefits Schedule. The MBS is managed by the Department of Health and administered by Medicare Australia. Medicare rebates comprises of the Australian government's subsidy for the pathology tests listed in the Schedule.

Capital Pathology routinely

  •  Bulk bills all Pension Card Holders, Health Care Card Holders and children under the age of 16

Examples of a Pension Card and a Health Care Card   


                            Pension Concession Card 2013                               


Health Care Card 2013  


  •  Direct bills the Department of Veterans' Affairs for DVA Gold and White Card Holders

Example of a DVA Gold Card


    Vet Aff Gold Card


Capital Pathology has a Maximum Gap Policy of $50.00 for outpatient testing covered by Medicare.


Non-Medicare Rebatable Tests


Patients are billed privately for any/all tests not covered by Medicare. Where applicable, this cost is in addition to the maximum gap payment.

Pathology tests performed for non-clinical reasons are not eligible for Medicare rebates. Such testing includes:

  • employment;
  • immigration/emigration;
  • insurance cover;
  • superannuation;
  • work cover;  
  • visa applications.