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Blood tests for Kids

Most young children require special care during blood tests. Capital Pathology have a number of collectors who are experienced in performing these procedures.

We prefer to have two staff present for these tests, please call prior to your arrival to ensure we have enough staff available to help.

How we can help

To ensure the blood collection is as quick and painless as possible, our experienced staff use a range of techniques based on your child's age. For infants we aim to have two collectors in attendance, one to draw the blood and one to help support your child's arm.

Your collector will work with you and your child to determine the best approach. We use a range of techniques, such as musical toys, singing, counting, talking and deep breathing to relax and distract your child while the blood draw is taking place.

Discuss the blood test with your child

Being honest and talking with your child will help to prepare them for the test. Let your child ask questions and answer them openly, use a calm and relaxed tone with simple explanations so they understand why the blood test is necessary, for example "the doctor wants to make sure you are healthy" or "we need to do the blood test to find out why you are feeling sick"

Will the blood test hurt?

If your child asks whether the blood test will hurt, we suggest you answer honestly. Perhaps you could say "some children say they feel a little sting like a mosquito bite and others say they don't feel it at all"

Reassure your child that you will be with them the entire time and that the test wont take too long.