What is Pathology

Pathology underpins modern medicine.

Every single case of cancer (100%) is diagnosed by a specialist pathologist.

More than 70% of all diagnoses are made in a pathology laboratory.

Pathology is the branch of medicine that involves studying and diagnosing diseases. By looking at changes in tissue, blood and other body fluids it is possible to find the causes of disease, show a condition's severity and monitor the progress of treatments. 

Your pathology test

Your specimen for pathogy testing may have been collected at your referring doctor's practice, at one of our collection centres or whilst you were in hospital.

Your specimen is transported to the laboratory by our dedicated courier staff where the testing process begins. There may be over 25 steps involved in producing the final result for your doctor.

Our expert team is led by Specialist Pathologist doctors and scientists who work around the clock to ensure results are available in the shortest time possible.

Clinically abnormal findings are discussed personally with your referring doctor by our pathologists.

Our team

Our highly experienced specialist pathologists are doctors who have undergone many years of specialist training.

Our scientists hold degrees in medical laboratory science and receive comprehensive training.

Our team includes couriers, receptionists, collectors, accounts, client services, data entry, specimen reception, doctors service centre, IT, stores and technical staff - all of whom are dedicated to providing you with a personalised and reliable world class pathology service.